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Arizona Cardinals: State of the Position – QB, RB, WR

In today’s edition of positional review, we’re heading to the desert to take a look at the Arizona Cardinals.

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It’s about that time of year again when football season is right around the corner and the fans are awaiting for that anticipated kickoff. In today’s edition we’re going to be focusing on the Arizona Cardinals and more specifically toward the Quarterbacks, Running Backs and Wide Receivers. For those of you who are new to this scenario, we’re predicting on who’ll make the Cardinals final 53-man roster once the preseason wraps up toward the end of August. Enough jibber-jabber, let’s take a dive into the Red Sea!


Quarterbacks, currently on the roster: 4

9 Sam Bradford, 9 year veteran

7 Mike Glennon, 6 year veteran

3 Josh Rosen, rookie

6 Charles Kanoff, rookie

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Projected Starter: 9 Sam Bradford

Projected Backups: 7 Mike Glennon, 3 Josh Rosen

Projected Practice Squad or cut candidates: 6 Charles Kanoff


This one seems to be a bit tricky but when all is said and done, I believe the Cardinals wouldn’t want to rush uber-sensational rookie Josh Rosen into action right away. Newly appointed head coach Steve Wilks openly stated back before April’s draft that he would want a quarterback similar to Cam Newton, one who can stay light on his feet as well be able to throw rockets done the field. Bradford surely fits the bill, but the main concern is his health. Sam Bradford has only completed a full 16-game season twice in his career, TWICE! Coming in his rookie year in 2010 and the other coming in 2012. Although he came close in 2016 with the Minnesota Vikings with 15 games and in 2015 with Philadelphia. If Bradford goes down, I’d assume Steve Wilks gives Josh Rosen a shot to redeem a once fearful Cardinals team and keep the ship upright. If all goes as planned, the Cardinals have plenty to happy about in their quarterback room, a good mix of veteran leadership as well a gun slinging rookie waiting his chance to shine.


Next position we’re going to look into is Running Backs

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Running Backs, currently on the roster (Including Fullbacks): 7

31 David Johnson, 4 year veteran

22 T.J. Logan, 2 year veteran

37 D.J. Foster, 3 year veteran

35 Elijhaa Penny, 2 year veteran

29 Chase Edmonds, rookie

45 Sherman Badie, rookie

48 Derrick Coleman, 5 year veteran


Projected Starting RB: 31 David Johnson

Projected Starting FB: 48 Derrick Coleman

Projected Backups: 22 T.J. Logan, 37 D.J. Foster, 29 Chase Edmonds

Projected Practice Squad or Cut Candidates: 35 Elijhaa Penny and 45 Sherman Badie

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For obvious reason, David Johnson, without a doubt is a top-5 running back in the league when healthy. Unfortunately, Johnson missed all of last season due to a dislocated wrist sustained in their week 1 matchup against the Lions. The surgery required at least 2-3 months of recovery, but once that time frame had ended, the Cardinals placed Johnson on Injured Reserve. Now its 2018 and a breath of fresh air for the Cards backfield has fans feeling once again hopefully for the upcoming season with their superstar healthy and ready to go. After Johnson, the man that’ll be doing his dirty work is non-other than the only fullback on the roster in Derrick Coleman. Most notably, Coleman is legally deaf and came from a highly successful Seahawks (2012-2015) and Falcons (2017) team. I’m not too sure if Wilks has plans to use a fullback in his system or not, but if they decide to keep Coleman around, he’ll surely get some minutes in every game. Projected backups seem predictable, as the Red Sea will decide to keep around veteran T.J. Logan and Arizona State product D.J. Foster and the lone rookie drafted by the team in Chase Edmonds.


Finally finishing up the article with Wide Receivers! Let’s get to it!

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Wide Receiver, currently on the roster: 12

11 Larry Fitzgerald, 15 year veteran

13 Christian Kirk, rookie

18 Greg Little, 5 year veteran

12 Brice Butler, 6 year veteran

14 J.J. Nelson, 4 year veteran

15 Rashad Ross, 3 year veteran

10 Chad Williams, 2 year veteran

82 C.J. Duncan, rookie

17 Jalen Tolliver, rookie

83 Corey Willis, rookie

16 Trent Sherfield, rookie

19 Carlton Agudosi, 1 year veteran


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Projected Starters: 11 Larry Fitzgerald, 13 Christian Kirk and 18 Greg Little

Projected Depth/Backups: 12 Brice Butler, 14 J.J. Nelson, 10 Chad Williams

Projected Practice Squad Players and Cuts: 83 Corey Willis, 15 Rashad Ross, 82 C.J. Duncan, 17 Jalen Tolliver, 16 Trent Sherfield, 19 Carlton Agudosi


Ending on a high note, Fitzgerald is the heart and soul of this Cardinals team, period. Once in a lifetime kind of athlete Fitzgerald is, such a joyous and profound human being. What I see here is an extremely weak receiving corps, although Fitzgerald is a hall of fame caliber player and Arizona did draft homegrown talent in Christian Kirk, whom by the way was the best receiver in this past year’s draft. After that, it’s a door wide open and opportunities for anyone willing to step up to the plate. The last time Greg Little was on an active roster was with Cincinnati back in 2015, he could be hungry enough to fight for the second receiving position as Kirk slides his way into the slot. The Cardinals added 4 undrafted rookie wide receivers, so maybe one of them might impress enough to crack the 53-man roster. It’s an extremely odd mixture of mid-tier talent blended together with veterans and youth spread across the receiving room, this ought to be the position to watch, because you never know when a hidden gem is found.


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