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Chiefs, Patriots, and Raiders are Heavy Favorites to win Super Bowl 52.


Last night was glorious for the Kansas City Chiefs and their fans, perhaps most of the NFL. However, when the Chiefs defeated the New England Patriots 42-27, on the road in Foxborough; it was probably a bittersweet moment for Tom Brady and the Patriots. They were stunned by Alex Smith and rookie running back Kareem Hunt, despite fumbling on his first career snap. Hunt gained 246 yards from scrimmage, more than any player in NFL history since the 1970 merger. He gained a lot of his 147 rushing yards after contact and showed the ability to make defenders miss in the hole.

Did you know? This is the Kansas City Chiefs’ first win in New England since 1990.

Will history repeat itself?

The results are not good for the rest of the league, because the New England Patriots won three (3) Super Bowls after losing their season-openers. In 2001, the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Patriots 23-17 in Cincinnati. The result? You guessed it. Tom Brady and company hoisted their first Vince Lombardi Trophy ever in franchise history. Back in 2003, the Buffalo Bills beat the Patriots 31-0, in Buffalo. The Patriots won their second Super Bowl. In 2014, the Miami Dolphins defeated New England 33-20 in Miami, and you guessed it. Another Super Bowl for the Patriots.

As my friend Mike Venditti pointed out to me on Twitter. “Facts.” The Patriots losing is probably a good thing for New England, because Bill Belichick will find a way to motivate his team to win another Super Bowl. 

Patriots odds to win Super Bowl LII?

The New England Patriots entered the 2017 season as heavy favorites to win the Super Bowl.

But the Chiefs are now given the best odds by ESPN Analytics to win the Super Bowl following their 42-27 win over the Patriots.

Kansas City Chiefs +350

New England Patriots +375

Oakland Raiders 12 to 1.

The Chiefs have a 90 percent chance to make the playoffs, 69 percent chance to win the AFC West and a 21 percent chance to win the Super Bowl. The Oakland Raiders are set 12/1, according to and The West Gate (bookmakers) in Las Vegas, NV.

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