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Demetrius Andrade vs Maciej Sulecki on Dazn recap

“Canelo, where your cojones at? Let’s get it”  – Demetrius Andrade


Last night Matchroom boxing and Dazn once again put on another fantastic night of fights for boxing fans. 


Shelly “Shelito’s Way” Vincent vs Simone Aparecida Da Silva

Shelito’s controlled the fight with vicious left hooks to the body and face. Simone had nice counters throughout the fight but stayed on the defensive, not having the ability to get her composure. Both ladies kept the fight in the center of the right for fans to enjoy. By round 8 both fighters were tired, pushing through Sliva came out swinging but it was a little too late and Shelly Vicent took the win in a unanimous decision.


Raymond Ford vs Isidro Figueroa

Featherweight Raymond Ford came out explosive against Isidro Figueroa. With Ford amazing jabs and haymakers, he quickly KO’d Figueroa in the 1st round.


Otha Jones Jr vs Matias Arriagada

Otha Jones Jr vs Matias Arriagada was another onesided fight. OJ3 landed beautiful shoots early on hooks after hooks. Matias didn’t throw to many punches. With plenty of combinations from Otha Jones Jr, he tried to get the KO but Arriagada hung in there and OJ3 to the win unanimously.


Mark “bazooka” Deluca  vs Brandon Brewer

Deluca came out smoking landing some solid shots early with hooks to the body and haymakers coming left and right. By round 4 Brandon looked tired, very ambitious to land a KO Deluca left himself open to a couple of counters from L-Jack. Deluca dominated this fight showing no real fatigue against Brewer, by the 8th round he became very ambitious and aggressive but it was too late. Mark “bazooka” Deluca won the fight in a unanimous decision. Deluca thanked the fans in his post-fight interview saying ” I’d be teaching tae bo if it wasn’t for them”.


Alexis Espino vs  Kerby Saint-Juste

Vegas born and one of my personal friend Alexis Espino came out strong with an impressive 1st round knockdown. Jabs connecting at will for Espino set him to get the 2nd round KO. The pro debut for St. Juste will be remembered as a learning experience. 


Kal Yafai vs  Norbelto Jimenez

Bother fighter were very evenly matched. With intense spurts of action Yafai controlled most of the fight. Norbelto tried to play little mind games with Yafai with taunting him through the fight. But taunting doesn’t win fights wit Yafai winning unanimously.


Joseph Parker vs Alex Leapai 

Parker dominated Leapai landing haymaker after haymaker forcing him to the ropes. Lionheart is a great last name because Joseph the Lion hunter came to fight Joseph Parker does not have an actual ring name. Combos clean jabs and an opponent that wouldn’t quit sums up this win for Joseph Parker.  The Ref called the fight in the 10th round TKO with Parker making a statement showing why he needs to be back in the heavyweight title picture.


In the Main event Demetrius Andrade vs Maciej Sulecki

Andrade came in the 1st round with aggressive jabs which set him up to knock down Sulecki. Thought to be a second knockdown was label as a slip. Andrade fighting style last night didn’t allow Sulecki to land any body shots. Demetrius made Sulecki change the way he fought which gave Andrade a huge advantage. With countering and ducking being Andrade specialty, he toyed with Sulecki and his team from Poland the whole night winning the fight unanimously. In Andrade post-fight interview he called out Canelo saying “Canelo, where your cojones at? Let’s get it”. That a fight I would mind seeing in the future.


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