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Gameday Preview: Los Angeles Clippers vs the Golden State Warriors


7:30 p.m. Wednesday

The Los Angeles Clippers are coming off a one point win against the Atlanta Hawks on Monday, meanwhile as for the Golden State Warriors they are coming off a win against the Denver Nuggets. The last time these two teams went head to head the Warriors got the win. The Clippers suffered a major loss in the process as Blake Griffin got injured and was diagnosed with a concussion.

Warriors won 12-straight vs. Clippers

Pick: Warriors by 9

In what has been a fierce rivalry will definitely be a match up to watch today. The Warriors have one 12 straight against the Los Angeles Clippers. The last time these two teams faced off it ended up in a rough way as Blake Griffin one of the key scorers for the Clippers sustained a concussion. The Splash-bro’s Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry will be out for today’s game. Thompson will not be playing today as he is resting and Curry will not be playing today as he injured  sprained right ankle he suffered in practice.

Stephen Curry ruled out

Curry is averaging roughly about 27.9 points game for the Warriors as he is definitely up in conversion this year for the MVP candidate. Thompson is averaging around 20.7 points per game. With Curry sidelined for who knows how long we can expect veteran Shaun Livingston to fill the void. Livingston won’t give a spark of points like Curry as he is averaging roughly around 5.3 points, but definitely will give a defensive force. Thompson will most likely be replaced on the starting lineup by Andre IguodalaIguodala is known his ball handling skills and scoring skills he will definitely be a key factor in tonight’s game against the Clippers. With the loss of Griffin on the court the Clippers hope to steal a win from the Warriors with out Curry or Thompson on the floor but will have to outscore Kevin Durant and limit on shots if they want any shot of winning the game today.

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