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Jay Ajayi: Winning the Super Bowl the “greatest feeling in the world”


On Sunday the Philadelphia Eagles scored a stunning 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots to win their first ever Super Bowl title and Jay Ajayi should send the Miami Dolphins organization some cases of champagne and beer [Stella Artois] my personal favorite, by the way, for trading him mid-season to the Eagles.

The surprising trade from the Miami Dolphins was the best thing for the disgruntled running back.

The Miami Dolphins were willing to dump a 24-year-old running back who nearly rushed for 1,300 yards the year prior because Jay Ajayi was viewed as a negative influence in their locker room.

For the Dolphins, it was letting go of the back whom head coach Adam Gase had called his “bell cow” entering training camp. And for the Eagles, it appeared to be a luxury move and perhaps too much of an overlap, skill-wise, to what LeGarrette Blount offered.

But over time, the trade made plenty more sense.

Dolphins dump Jay Ajayi






Adam Gase was done with Ajayi, who had been in and out of the coach’s doghouse ever since Gase had to leave Ajayi behind on the trip to Seattle in Week 1 of the 2016 season when he complained about not being named a starter. (Prior before the trade).

Fast forward to October 2017. Jay Ajayi was gone from Miami. “I think it was time for us to move on,” Gase said at the time.

Now can we move on to the more adult conversation? The conversation that really matters?

Not a loss, but a lesson






There’s a lesson for Ajayi and there’s definitely a lesson for the Dolphins. And if each side learns from what happened between them, perhaps both will be better.

They don’t care whether Ajayi does well in Philadelphia or not. They don’t care if he won the Super Bowl. They don’t hold an organizational grudge against the player, as far as I know.

Jay Ajayi let go of this episode.

So what are the valuable lessons to be learned from this?

1. Jay Ajayi moved on. It’s just a chapter in the past. He didn’t close the book, he just turned the page.

2. The here and now is all we have, and if we play it right that’s all we need.

3. The past is where you learned the lesson, the future is where you apply the lesson, don’t get stuck in the middle.

Turning turmoil into triumph

According to to quote Jay Ajayi.

After the game, Ajayi said he wanted the victory, and his story, to motivate others.

“Hopefully it will inspire some people, just from the journey, from the challenges that I’ve been through, the adversity,” said Ajayi, who was surprisingly dumped by the Miami Dolphins in October.

“Hopefully, once all this stuff subsides, I will definitely love to get back out there, and reconnect with my former team and mates and I know they are going to be super excited to talk about this whole season and the journey.”

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