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Mr. SMASH , Fighter turned Entrepreneur

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Steve “Mr. Smash” Orosco a former professional MMA fighter (7-1-0), founder and CEO of Smash Global, an enterprise that brings a richness and opulence with the juxtaposition of raw primal exhilaration.   Smash Global black tie events take place in a decadent grand ball room dripping in crystal chandeliers, and in the center of it all, a black cage with a 6 ft high fence. The thrill of “two men enter, one man leaves” arouses the senses.  A-list celebrities and Icons such as Freddie Roach, Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, Mel Gibson and Charlie Hunnam are just a few of many A-listers that come out to experience this unique event.  With his lavish black tie soirees Mr. Smash creates a platform to raise awareness for our nation’s veterans, anti-bullying, and other charities for the less fortunate.

Who is this fighter turned entrepreneur?   We decided to get to know Mr. Smash better with a few questions.


Jenny Sushe: What inspired you to fight?

Mr. Smash:  I started wrestling at an early age. I literally owe everything to the sport. It not only made me the man I am today, but it built me. It wasn’t until I started BJJ towards the end of college that I truly fell in love with MMA.


Jenny Sushe:  What was your favorite job before becoming a fighter?

Mr.Smash:  I wouldn’t call it a job per se, but there is nothing better than coaching High School Wrestling. If I ever build this company and sell it I will retire and give my LIFE to coaching high school wrestling.


Jenny Sushe:   What’s your favorite memory from your first fight?

Mr. Smash:  Aside from having my hand raised…. How scared I was. Fighting another person in the heat of the moment is easy because you don’t have time to think. Being in a backroom with nerves through the roof as you are mentally preparing for battle is such a surreal thing.


J.S: What was the best moment in your career?

M.S: Losing my first fight. It changed my life and not a day goes by I don’t think about it.


J.S:  For you, what makes MMA better than other sports?

M.S:  The best athletes in the world are fighters. No other sport encompasses as many facets of competition than that of MMA. Not even close.


J.S:   What feels better a knockout or a submission victory?

M.S:   HMMMM. Knockout for sure, although I don’t have any. I do have TKO’s from ground n pound which felt SAVAGE. Submitting someone is cool, but you do that in practice everyday.


J.S:  Who was your best opponent?

M.S:  Nick Patterson who was 15-3 at the time we fought.


J.S:   Chuck Norris, Bruce lee or Jean Claude Van Damn Who do you think would make it in MMA?

M.S:    Bruce Lee no question. He embodied MMA before MMA was even a sport. His discipline was unparalled.


J.S   If you could invite 3 people to sushi who would you choose?

M.S  Fuck this is a tough one…. The Rock, Obama, and LeBron James. Mike Tyson and Jerry Rice would be my wild cards. Lol


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