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Recap: Travis Pastrana nails Evel Knievel jumps with ease

“It’s such an honor to live a day in Evel’s footsteps and literally in his boots.” -Travis Pastrana

LAS VEGAS (July 10, 2018) — Mike Dixon joined the Kevin Sutton Show with Phil Bird and Kevin Sutton on ESPN Radio in Orlando to recap Travis Pastrana’s three iconic jumps in Las Vegas.

You can watch Travis’ first jump (via Mike Dixon’s Twitter) and listen to the full interview here –AUDIO

Travis Pastrana nails his first jump with ease, Evel Knievel is somewhere smiling down on Travis.

The final stunt was the big one—the Caesar’s Palace fountain jump. Knievel attempted this jump in 1967 and crashed hard, breaking a number of bones and falling into a coma for a month. It was the jump that made Knievel famous, but the one that almost killed him. Despite a very short run-up, Pastrana nailed it.

Pastrana put on an incredible display of talent and showmanship here, especially when you consider he did all three jumps in one night on the same bike. Evel would be impressed.

According to motorcycle technicians, Pastrana made the jumps not on a lightweight dirt bike like the ones he has used throughout his celebrated motocross-stunt career. Instead, to best simulate the historic jumps, he rode a custom-built Indian Scout FTR750—an American motorcycle with a V-Twin engine that’s a modern-day evolution of the big, stiff Harley flat-track bike Knievel rode half a century ago. At 340 pounds, Pastrana said, it’s more than 100 pounds heavier than the bikes he normally uses in his more acrobatic jumps—with far more power and far less suspension.

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Photo: Shaw McCullough

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