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Rolling Stones Heats Up the SuperBowl

The SuperBowl is coming to the Bold North in 2018 and we officially have our matchup for the big game SuperBowl week is off and running. Will we see Brady get number six or will we see a first time SuperBowl Champion with the Eagles flying above. One thing we can guarantee is that Rolling Stone Magazine is scheduled to throw an epic Party in Minneapolis to warm our souls from the bitter cold. Rolling Stone Magazine has been around for about 52 years, and they are no strangers to big game venues.

You can guarantee a star filled line up as the tradition of the big dance on and off the football field. Rolling Stone is scheduled to kick off SuperBowl weekend Friday Night 2/2. We may not know if the Groundhog will see it’s shadow or not but one thing that is guaranteed is that Rolling Stone is scheduled to throw a party for the ages as we approach SuperBowl 52. Whether you are an Eagles fan or a Patriots fan this party is for you. Enjoy SuperBowl 52 live from Minneapolis, and kick off your weekend at the Rolling Stones SuperBowl Party. We hope to see you there. You will see the stars shining bright on a super Friday night.

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