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The Three Best Landing Spots For Nick Foles

There’s no secret. Nick Foles is a good NFL quarterback. Is he elite? Absolutely not. However, he did what no other quarterback has done in Philadelphia Eagles history: deliver a Superbowl title. After all, he’s still the last quarterback to throw a touchdown in the Superbowl, despite not playing in the big game this year. He’s reached his peak, and at 30 years old, we know what we’re getting; a high IQ, smart, accurate passer. He may not have the strongest arm, or the most mobile, but he’s smart, and can bridge the gap for a team needing a franchise quarterback. This year’s draft isn’t great with ‘franchise’ level talent, meaning Foles will draw a lot of attention in the open market, and there are plenty of options…..

NOTE: The Eagles still have the option to place the franchise tag on Foles, keeping him in Philadelphia for one more year.

Washington Redskins

courtesy of USA Today

The Redskins are in desperate need of a quarterback. Alex Smith is done for this year, and possibly his career, after suffering a brutal leg injury this past year. The Redskins then used a combination of Colt McCoy, who also fractured his fibula, then turned to Josh Johnson, who hadn’t played in a game since 2015, and Mark Sanchez, and well… yeah.

The Redskins need help, and while having to play the Eagles twice a year isn’t an ideal situation for Foles; money talks. The Redskins will definitely play ball with Foles, and likely pay what they need to to sign him. Foles can bridge the gap until the Redskins feel they can find their franchise guy in the future drafts. Jay Gruden will love to utilize Foles in the same way he utilized Smith before he was injured, leaning heavily on Adrian Peterson and the returning Derrius Guice.

Miami Dolphins

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There are numerous reports that the Miami Dolphins front office is moving on from Ryan Tannehill and his subpar play, and big time contract. Upon releasing Tannehill, the Dolphins will be left with Brock Osweiler, David Fales, and Luke Falk on the roster. The Dolphins could elect to just use Osweiler, but we’ve seen what he can do; which isn’t much. The Dolphins seem like they are always so close to being a competitive team, and maybe bridging the gap, or looking long term with Foles could change their fortunes.

New head coach Brian Flores is looking to establish a winning mentality in Miami. A whole new coaching staff, that includes former Lions HC Jim Caldwell, will mean an entire new system, something that Foles could look to establish. Foles thrives in an RPO, shot gun style offense, and Caldwell and new offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea could initiate that into the Dolphins offense. Unless the Dolphins reach on Kyler Murray, Foles could be headed to South Beach, where Flores can look to the draft to build the offensive line and defensive depth.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Jaguars do seem ready to move on from Blake Bortles, despite leading them to the AFC Championship game in 2018, and only a tipped pass away from the Superbowl. His contract is rather large, but Bortles was so bad that taking the cap hit would be worth it. Bortles still has room for improvement, and the Jags could see that and hold out for the remainder of his contract, and build through the draft for the future, which seems like the wise thing to do.

New Jaguars offensive coordinator John DeFillipo is clearly familiar with Foles, serving as the quarterbacks coach with Philadelphia in 2016-2017. Reuniting Foles with the man who resurrected his career seems like a match made in heaven

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