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Uncensored Opinions: Local AZ band Simple Malfunction

Local Arizona Punk Group Simple Malfunction Releases Their Highly Anticipated Debut Album

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Clayton (Left) Daniel (Right-Center)


PHOENIX  (July 11, 2018) — Local band Simple Malfunction has finally released their debut album titled, The Simple Malfunction LP. Produced by Jeremy Daniel (as well Simple Malfunction) at his very own garage-constructed makeshift studio Cosmic Soup Recording and assisted with recording the album. Simple Malfunction is Clayton Mistler, who primarily screams toward the crowd and rips up on the six string beast. Clayton also performed on the groove machine (bass guitar) for purposes of the recording of the album.

Backing up Clayton is his brother Daniel Mistler performing on the beats (drums) and the duo have been together since the bands inception. The album brings a reminiscent sound of the once familiar late-70’s/early-80’s hardcore punk music with the likes of Circle Jerks and Minor Threat. Their debut also reminds us of famous 1990’s punk bands such as Green Day, Bad Religion and Pennywise.


Track Listing: The Simple Malfunction LP (2018)

  1. Wasteland
  2. S**t Talker
  3. Buzzkillavile
  4. I Don’t Care
  5. Simple Malfunction
  6. Disconnected
  7. Spitting Teeth
  8. I Hate Myself
  9. Unlucky
  10. A Cheezy Love Song
  11. Crackhead Love
  12. C.I.A.
  13. The Zodiac
  14. Shut Your Mouth
  15. Spaz Attakk
  16. Therapy
  17. Cheap Beer
  18. Drowning
  19. Time Bomb
  20. Too Dumb To Quit


Track-by-Track Review:


Track 1: Wasteland

Let’s dive in with the intro track titled “Wasteland”, and what a track to open with. The track starts off with some ominous to give the listener chills then a cannon blast tune with some serious guitar riffage! Pretty much letting the listener know, don’t stand around and waste your valuable time, go out and do what you love!


Track 2: S**t Talker

Track two hits hard with many people we may come across, whether at work, school or out in public. People that know it all, well this is an anthem to you and listen carefully!


Track 3: Buzzkillaville

Buzzkillaville is extremely catchy and reminds us of that one Californian band, the Dead Kennedy’s. More specifically the Kennedy’s tune “Holiday In Cambodia” as Clayton’s sped up-guitar riff toward the end is similarly eerie to East Bay Ray’s (Dead Kennedy’s guitarist). Just a song of an average, everyday druggie doing their thing.


Track 4: I Don’t Care

Ironically, it may seem to be coitus involved, as long as the male character is getting some, he doesn’t care what thine female does afterwards. A simple, yet beautiful love story, how picture perfect this relationship must be.


Track 5: Simple Malfunction

If there’s a song titled the same as the album, you know it’s going to be successful (Looking at you Pantera) and if this track doesn’t make you fully erected, I’m not sure what will. The riff is extremely dangerous, so take caution as the deafening drums defeat your hearing. This is what punk is, this is what punk does. Brace yourselves and get ready to be introduced to Simple Malfunction ladies and gentleman!


Track 6: Disconnected

Just when you thought the album was going to slow down, you’re absolutely wrong and dumbfounded. Disconnected reminds us listeners that Minor Threat and Circle Jerks must’ve been involved in the writing of this song, but yet, we’re all wrong. Clayton proves that he can keep up with classic Hardcore Punk bands and is simply saying, “here’s a blast from the past” but yet, we live in present day.


Track 7: Spitting Teeth

Spitting teeth is a bruising track, you don’t want to get into a brawl with these guys as their locked and loaded.


Track 8: I Hate Myself

Don’t dwell on the past, this is a lesson we all learn as we grow older. But we all go through our own ups and downs, and release stress in different ways, cause hey, people are all different and deal with coping their own issues in conflicting ways.

Track 9: Unlucky

Gaining some perspective, every once in a while we all get envious of something someone has. Ranging from many different aspects life offers, it could be something someone owns or whether or not one’s love life is intact or falling through. Either way, lets appreciate what we have in the time being and stop being so hard on ourselves!


Track 10: A Cheezy Love Song

Plain and simply put, this song is about a girl whom Clayton just absolutely adores, cheesy we may say, but hey, let’s indulged and appreciate the ones we love most.


Track 11: Crackhead Love

This song is about a crackhead who falls in love with a girl who also appears to be headed south. When life hands you grapes, just throw away the rotten ones and hope you don’t get sick.


Track 12: C.I.A.

Another track that just hits the listeners in the jejunum and makes us want more from these guys! Hardcore and fast, these guys live fast and extreme!


Track 13: The Zodiac

Feels like you’re on the beach or at the lagoon enjoying a margarita, am I right? One song that does come to mind when listening to this instrumental-surf like tune is Green Day’s “Last Ride In” and it’s a sensational listen! Sit back and enjoy this one!


Track 14: Shut Your Mouth

“Going to Pasalacqua” famously by Green Day, kind of pops into my head when I hear this track. I don’t want to call it “pop” but it definitely does pop out at you in a sense that this is a different kind of tune for the album. Also reminds us a bit of Misfits vibes being flown around and hits you with that almost Glenn Danzig chill.


Track 15: Spaz Attakk

Yet again, Minor Threat seemed to have played a big role as far as influences go. This song reminds me of the Minor Threat tune “I Don’t Wanna Hear It” and it adds more spice and flavor to the album.


Track 16: Therapy

Ever feel like a prisoner held hostage in your own cell of boredom? This song is a reminder to get out of one’s own personal hell and get out of the house for a change.


Track 17: Cheap Beer

Simply put, cut and dry, PBR anyone?


Track 18: Drowning

Undertones and groove of some early Nirvana tunes, adding this grunge element to the album shows the versatility the group and proves to extend to a wide variety of audiences.


Track 19: Time Bomb

When the clock is ticking, and people keeping pressing buttons, no one ever knows what one’s intentions ever are. Let alone what an individual is capable of doing, so let’s all embrace one’s friendships and stop getting in other people’s business so much.


Track 20: Too Dumb To Quit

Just the beginning riff alone is enough to sell your skin on goosebumps. Just a song about a man and not giving up his dreams of living the good life on the big stage!



Overall: If I’m being honest, for being produced in a garage studio and recorded in a span of 3 days, I would give this album 9 out of 10 stars. The debut album has a blend of many different genre’s specifically Hardcore Punk, but also offers a few songs in between that keeps the listener entertained and on edge to see what they’re going to hear next. I’d recommend this for anyone who is a music junkie and loves underground artist that are up and coming. My favorite tracks personally are “I Don’t Care”, “Simple Malfunction”, “Disconnected”, “Spitting Teeth”, “I Hate Myself”, “C.I.A.”, “Shut Your Mouth”, and “Therapy”.



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