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USA Special Olympics: Ending to Remember

“Nothing is important than these athletes giving it all and inspiring all of us that anything can be possible. I admire what they had to endure to get here.” Stephanie McMahon

Seattle, WA- Throughout the week of the USA Special Olympics, athletes from different states competed in different events, however, the competition was not the theme in these events, it was what America represents. America is supposed to represent the diversity of cultures coming together and having a good time. These athletes put a great deal of sportsmanship, as well as class throughout the entire week. They cheered for their competitors, they were happy wi their teammates won or were sad when they lost, but they showed moral support for each and every individual.

“It far exceeded my expectations,” said Beth Knox, president, and CEO of the 2018 Games. “The part that was so astounding to me was not only the response from the volunteers, who showed up as they committed to and went above and beyond in supporting the Games, but also the general public showing up in the stands.

“Every venue that I went to was full to packed, and that was every single day. They just showed up to cheer on these athletes and make them feel recognized and it showed their appreciation for the efforts of the athletes.”

Every event was packed and people were cheering them on. This week, this young athletes did not feel the brutality of trials that they had to overcome, but the support of Seattle, as well as others that traveled to see these go out there and perform, was amazing.

“It has been an amazing week,” said Team Kentucky swimming coach Debbie Ogden. “The athletes put everything they have into this, and Seattle has been awesome. This is my first time coaching at the National Games, and I have to tell you, there have been tears flowing down my cheeks.”

Winning is apart of competition, but what these young athletes displayed was far greater than a medal or simply winning. They showed the world that they are regular people that like to do regular things. Just because they are different does not mean that they can not do it.

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