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Dwight Powell on His favorite Dirk Nowitzki moment

Dwight Powell
Nathan Hunsinger/The Dallas Morning News

Dwight Powell, the five-year veteran out of Stanford University had a strong showing on Saturday night’s game against Cleveland. After shooting 80% from the floor and finishing an amazing dunk, he tallied 16 points. He continues his strong defensive play, using his athleticism to post 2 blocks.

Powell is one of the longest consecutively tenured players on this Dallas Mavericks roster making him the perfect person to ask about his favorite Dirk moment of the season. When asked he took a moment to think and said “I’ve picked up a lot from him, a lot about the game of basketball obviously but a lot of how to be a professional. A lot of how to be a member of the community in which you play and try to serve them and how to appreciate the community that supports our team. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a favorite moment but I cherish every day we have together because very few people can say they played with an all-time great, a legend, a Hall of Famer. Someone of his caliber whose accomplished so many things in the NBA, internationally, and the community.”
In Dirk’s final year of play, he leaves a wake of change behind him. He’s changed what it means to play the four and the mindsets of many of his teammates. As evidence from the Powell quote, Dirk will touch more than a few players when he passes Wilt tonight against the New Orleans Pelicans

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