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Future Ninja Warriors Take Over Ninja For A Cause Event

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On a beautiful Presidents Day on Feb. 17, 2020 Ninja Nation was in full force. Ninja Nation, hosted the event “Ninja For A Cause” on the Lawn at Downtown Summerlin. The winner was awarded a Ninja Event at their school that they were running for. As the Ninja Warrior Brand grows in America the Future Ninjas of America are being trained in Ninja Schools/gyms. One of those is called Camp Rhino which actually featured the first child to finish the course. At Camp Rhino they begin as early as eight years-old and up, some of the kids compete nationally on a Travel Circuit vs other Ninja gyms/schools.

In order to run the timed course you had to purchase a raffle ticket/donate. I was there for about an hour and a half, and during that time–there was well over three thousand kids at the event.

That is a huge win for the community in my opinion as it shows how many kids love to be active and that the parents were also involved in wanting their children to have fun and be active to live a healthy lifestyle.


This may have been the first ‘Ninja For A Cause’ event, but it was very organized and I hope this event grows into a tradition. I have a son who is almost 3-years-old, and I hope that when he is of age, he can go to this event with some of his friends.

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