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Reflections, Deflections and Keys to Game 4

Max Pacioretty Goal taken by Joe Dias in Section 201


Reflections on End of Regular Season

On February 25th the Vegas Golden Knights shocked the Hockey World when they struck a deal with the Ottawa Senators for Mark Stone.  That trade lit a fire under the team who then went 10-1-0 in the next 11 Games.  That Fire on Ice and in the fans around town all of a sudden turned into ashes to end the year.  As the Golden Knights rested players to get healthy for the playoffs the mood around town was pretty somber watching the Golden Knights go 1-5-2 in the Final 8 Games.  Reading posts on Golden Knights Social Media Fan Groups the opinions were split between the fans that felt we limped into the Playoffs and the ones that understood that we were resting players and we would revert to the Golden Knights of the 10-1-0 stretch after the Mark Stone Trade.

Game 1

After the 1st (2 Periods) of Game one the Golden Knights had only ten shots.  They looked like a shell of the Team that Vegas Fell in Love with.  I wish I could have been a fly on the wall in the locker room between the 2nd and 3rd Period.  Once the 3rd Period started the Golden Knights went from Ash to Fire all over again.

Keys to a Game 4 Victory:

1 Free up the area in front of Marc-Andre Fleury, so that he can see the puck.  During the 1st 3 Games most of San Jose’s Goals have been scored off of a Deflection or by a screen in front of Fleury.

Stay out of the Penalty Box.  San Jose will try and get into our heads with Thornton out.  No Dumb Penalties ex. Delay of Game Penalties, Penalties while we are in the offensive zone or are on a Power Play.

3 Pepper Martin Jones or Aaron Dell.  Since the 3rd Period of Game 1 the Golden Knights have shot and shot and shot some more at San Jose.


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